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Yellowhammer Outfitters "Boogeyman Dark" Coffee
  • Yellowhammer Outfitters "Boogeyman Dark" Coffee

    Boogeyman Dark is a bold, full body Sumatran coffee with hints of dark chocolate and earthy cedar. The wet hulled process makes this a naturally low acidic cup for those who may have issues with a more acidic coffee. 

    At Yellowhammer, we love the outdoors! It is a passion and so is great coffee. Our second offered Yellowhammer Outfitters roast is called, "Boogeyman Dark". Hunters either love or dread heading to or climbing out of your stand when you can't even see your hand in front of your face. We like to call that boogeyman dark. A few yelps from the coyotes let you know that you're not alone. Those moments make us feel alive. This Sumatran roast is a full bodied, low acidic coffee with notes of dark chocolate and an earthy cedar. But that's subjective so brew it dark, sip it slow and tell us your take on it. It's sure to remind you of those shivery, dark trips from the tree to the truck when you can't wait to get back to the camp house and warm up with a cup. Again it's packaged by our friends at Sealed Coffee ( and sustainabily harvested. This is a fresh farm to cup process for the Yellowhammer Community and the quality will show in your soon to be new favorite cup of coffee! The best part is not only will you be getting an amazing bag of coffee but a portion of each bag's proceeds will go to a year's schooling for a Guatemalan child.



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