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Let us introduce you to a young man named Bossie. He is pictured here in a shooting house and below with Roger and Keith. Bossie is a South African farmer who was here helping on a farm in the United States when a horrific accident happened causing him to lose a leg. After a long hospital stay Bossie was in a rehab facility and awaiting his prosthetic. During the 2019 hunting season, word got to Roger and Keith about Bossie and how he loves the outdoors and loved to hunt back home. After working with the hospital we were able to get Bossie a day pass to hunt. It was a memorable day and a successful hunt where Bossie was able to harvest a doe. Beyond this, we pray it was a great day for Bossie and his soul. We know it sure was for us! A big part of what we want Yellowhammer to be is ministry and hunts just like this! If you know of anyone who could benefit from a hunt like this, please reach out to Roger or Keith and let us know their story. We have a limited number of ministry hunts we can do in a year, but we will pray over every opportunity and look forward to more hunts just like Bossie's to help connect people to the Creator and His creation. 
Thanks & God bless! The Yellowhammer Team 

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