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Pork King Good Seasoning
  • Pork King Good Seasoning

    Pork King Good seasonings currently available from Yellowhammer Outfitters in Ranch & Dill Pickle! 


    Ranch:  From homemade chip dip to popcorn to chicken wings, our tangy Ranch seasoning will certainly take your flavor game up a notch! Some sprinkling ideas: Ranch Chicken Nuggets, Crispy Ranch Casserole Topping, Ranch Meatloaf, Ranch Veggie Fries, Ranch Sour Cream Dip, Ranch Fried Pickles, Ranch Fried Shrimp, Cheddar Bacon Ranch Biscuits, Savory Ranch Paffles, (Pork Rind Waffles - trust us!) Ranch Nuts or Popcorn.


    Dill Pickle: No dilly-dallying over here! If you’re as pickle obsessed as we are, you’ll love the tartness of our Dill Pickle seasoning - popping with the perfect pickle-y flavor! Side note: Want to try some magic? Sprinkle our Dill Pickle seasoning on cucumber slices to instantly transform them into pickles! Try the same with any raw veggie that you'd eat "pickled". It's fun and weird and a great way to play tricks on your kids and/or spouse!Some sprinkling ideas: Grilled or Fried Chicken (think Chick-fil-A style!) Nuts, Popcorn, Burgers, Raw veggies, Chip dip, (mix with sour cream!) Pork Rinds, Fried Fish and Pickling! 



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