Pork King Good Pork Rinds
  • Pork King Good Pork Rinds

    The BEST Pork rinds you'll ever eat! Available from Yellowhammer Outfitters in eight delicious flavors! (We love them all!)
    Smokey Jalapeno & Cheese, White Cheddar, Ranch, Pink Salt & Vinegar, Dill Pickle, Salted Butter, Pepperoni Pizza and Stupid Hot. 

    All Keto approved with zero carbs! Flavor profiles listed below:


    1. Smokey Jalapeno & Cheese: We've combined a salty smokiness with a subtle kick of jalapeño peppers that will totally give you Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Popper vibes with our Smoky Jalapeño & Cheese flavor! Pro Tip: Try them with a cream cheese dip for some serious snack MAGIC!

    2. White Cheddar: Our best selling White Cheddar flavored pork rinds featuring the familiar lick-your-fingers cheesiness of white cheddar popcorn, minus the carbs! Welcome to your new favorite keto snack that will for sure be a new food staple in your pantry!

    3. Ranch: Seriously... Our new Pork King Good Ranch flavored pork rinds are COOL! Get ready to see the bottom of a lot of empty bags!Now you can enjoy all of the tangy flavor of your favorite Ranch potato chips, but without the carbs!

    4. Pink Salt & Vinegar: We traveled the Himalayas and licked every mountain to bring you the perfect Pink Salt & Vinegar Pork Rinds! If you miss that mouth-puckering salty zing of salt & vinegar chips, we’ve got you!

    5. Dill Pickle:  No dilly-dallying over here! If you’re as pickle obsessed as we are, you’ll love the tartness of our Dill Pickle pork rinds - popping with the perfect pickle flavor! With 0g carbohydrates per serving, snack away!Our Dill Pickle pork rinds are perfectly pickle-y and are sure to be your new favorite keto snack! They're the next "pig" thing!

    6. Salted Butter: Missing that movie popcorn taste? Sneak this in under your coat! Our Salted Butter pork rinds are the perfect alternative to that salty, buttery taste you’ve been craving - without the corn! PS: We’re not responsible for you getting caught sneaking these keto snacks into the theater!

    7. Pepperoni Pizza: Mamma mia! This is no ordinary pizza flavor! These zesty Pepperoni Pizza flavored pork rinds have an unexpected saucy, Sicilian-style kick to them that’s sure to delight your taste buds! It's like eating the inside of a pizza roll without the guilt!

    8. Stupid Hot: Did Pork King Good just make the world's hottest pork rind? We don't know, but we will say this extremely spicy flavored chicharrón seriously lives up to the name, "STUPID HOT"! These 250,000 scoville heat unit flavored pork rinds are perfect for dipping in sour cream or onion dip!