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Panola 10-Point Buck Sauce Gallon

Panola 10-Point Buck Sauce Gallon

Our most popular hot sauce, now sold by the gallon! Each gallon comes with a refillable bottle with a Yellowhammer Outfitters decal attached. We do this so that when you’re out there’s absolutely no need to panic. You can remember where you got it and know we’ve got you covered for your next gallon! Why sell it in the gallon? Because if you’ve had this sauce you already know, 5 ounces just isn’t enough! 


Panola 10-Point Buck Sauce is made much like our Gourmet Pepper Sauce, but with a few different seasonings for a unique flavor. It is specially blended for the outdoorsman- big game meat or grilled burgers - watch out! It’s easy to indulge. 



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