Happy Herd Attractant & CoatAll
  • Happy Herd Attractant & CoatAll

    A 16 oz bottle blend of all-natural extracts with sprayer. 
    All Happy Herd Coat “ALL” products contain an industry leading trade secret that truly separates Happy Herd from the rest.

    DON’T BE FOOLED… “When the results speak … LISTEN!”


    Simply spray your feed and minerals with Happy Herd Coat “ALL”. Top coat with a few sprays of the pump, stir around, repeat. Spray the surrounding area around the minerals and feed assuring your animals step into the oil-based attractant, taking the product with them when they leave your site. Other animals cross their trail and seek out the source of the smell for themselves. This process is “TESTED AND PROVEN”.

    If you are not using Happy Herd Coat “ALL”, you better
    hope your neighbor isn’t either!!! When the Herd comes,
    the Herd STAYS!!


    Available in Buckscotch, Caramel Apple, Gamechanger, Honeysuckle, Persimmon, Sweet Corn and White Oak Acorn scents. Scents are truly an individual preference as the oil and pheremone base is all the same and equally work just as effective.