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Gearhead Archery X16 Tactical Crossbow

Gearhead Archery X16 Tactical Crossbow

The X16 Tactical is yet another innovative design from Gearhead Archery. The Gearhead team stepped it up, yet again. This crossbow is packable and is of a takedown design. The X16 Tactical has a precision dovetail joint with a robust clamping mechanism. This allows the X16 Tactical to be assembled in the field without sacrificing accuracy. Just slide the two halves together to the alignment stop and tighten the cam clamp into place. The footprint and specs of this crossbow are the same as the X16. It is built with a Trigger Tech trigger box and an arrow rest that can be paper tuned. The X16 Tactical crossbow is the first of its kind. It is superior in accuracy, breaks down and fits in a pack, all in just a few minutes. No more challenging transportation of your crossbow. Gearhead Archery makes it easy with the X16 Tactical.

  • Measurements

    • Draw weights (lbs): 75/90/125
    • Power Length (in): 16" Power Stroke
    • 18.50"/14.75" axle to axle
    • Trigger Pull (lb) 2.10
    • Aluminum Weight (lbs): 6.25**
    • Carbon Weight (lbs): 5.25**
    • Speed Up To (fps): 350 @ 125lbs with a 325 grain
    • 90 ft-lb Kinetic Energy

    * All specs approximate ** Weight shown without accessories



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