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Gearhead Archery T15 Pro XL

Gearhead Archery T15 Pro XL

The T15 XL is the big brother of the T15 Pro. It is still a hybrid of a recurve bow and a sling shot. It still incorporates power from the combination of composite limbs and rubber tubing. It still shoots normal arrows with a release or fingers. We just made this one a little bit longer! The biggest advantage of the longer bow length is the ability to install a bow sight for easier aiming on a target. The longer length also aids in the reduction of finger pinch when shooting with fingers. The T15 XL comes with a Whisker Biscuit rest and a tied D-Loop. It also is built with the ability to mount your AMS, Cajun or Muzzy bowfishing reel. All the high quality construction components that you find on the T15 Pro are also used on the T15 XL! The T15 XL has a built in roller system to reduce the wear on your power tubes and help with a consistent draw cycle. The farther you draw it back, the faster it shoots! The Bowfishing Series is perfect for beginners to archery. It teaches good form equals good results. It is easy to shoot and very accurate with minimal practice. Gearhead Archery - bringing smiles fmiles!

  • Measurements


    • 23" overall height 
    • 2.8 lb weight**, up to 27 ft-lb kinetic energy 
    • 29 lb draw weight at 28"
    • Black oxide coated stainless steel hardware 
    • Hard coat anodized components, MIL-A-8625 Type III 
    • Patents pending  
    • T15 AMS Bow fishing mount included. (Reel not included)



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