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Yellowhammer Outfitters "First Light" Coffee
  • Yellowhammer Outfitters "First Light" Coffee

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    At Yellowhammer, we love the outdoors! It is a passion, so is great coffee. You will absolutely love our first offered roast pictured here called, "First Light." Is there anything better than being in the woods at daybreak and that first light hits the greenfield our hardwood bottom? Yes! Seeing that same daybreak with a thermos full of Yellowhammer's own "First Light" roast! Wether in the woods, at the camphouse or in your living room, "First Light" is a perfect medium roast to start your day. Our coffee is locally roasted and packaged by our friends at Sealed Coffee ( and sustainabily harvested straight from a Guatemalan farm known and visited by them. This is a fresh farm to cup process for the Yellowhammer Community and the quality will show in your soon to be new favorite cup of coffee! The best part is not only will you be getting an amazing bag of coffee but a portion of each bag's proceeds will go to a year's schooling for a Guatemalan child. (Pic of bags and video provided by Sealed Coffee.)


    "First Light" Roast Info:


    Name: Guatemala, Candelaria

    Cup Score: 85

    Cupping Notes: Creamy milk chocolate, caramel & red apple or raspberry acidity

    Aromas: Almond & brown sugar

    Region: Huehuetenango

    Producer (Co-Op): Primarily Finca Joya Grande, Finca Vasquez, and Finca la Maravilla

    Variety: Bourbon

    Processing: Fully washed sun dried, FSHB European preparation

    Altitude: 1,500–2,000 meters ASL

    Harvest: January–February 2020


      1lb bag of Yellowhammer's own "First Light" blend roasted and packaged by Birmingham Alabama's own Sealed Coffee. 



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